I’m a food fanatic, absolutely obsessed with cooking and eating.  This blog will be an online outlet for my enthusiasm, to give my friends and family a break!  Over the past four years I’ve become really passionate about cooking, to the point that I cook pretty much every meal from scratch.  My interest in cooking for myself was really sparked by the book “World Food Cafe” by Chris and Carolyn Caldicott, a book which combines recipes from their restaurant with travel photos and tales from their round the world trip.  I received this as a Christmas present while I was living in Vietnam, struggling to find western ingredients and having to make do without an oven.  This book of international vegetarian restaurants barely uses the oven and introduced me to loads of ways of combining staple ingredients with different spices and styles of cooking.  Once I got started with the book, I was hooked on trying out exotic new recipes!

World Food Cafe recipe and photography book

Since then, I’ve spent time in Italy, back home in the UK and now in Hong Kong, with or without ovens at various times, but always adding to my cooking repertoire.  I still enjoy sampling global foods, but am also completely addicted to the wonderful Simon Rimmer, as well as to anything sweet and home-baked.

While I’m vegetarian, I’d like to think there’s something for everyone here.  Expect lots of baked treats, nice breakfast and brunch ideas, perfect packed lunches, and tasty international dishes too.  Occasionally I have been known to take a break from the kitchen and let the professionals do the work for me, so there may be some restaurant reviews as well at some point.  So, please enjoy the recipes and forgive my bad photography – I’m definitely not an expert!


3 Responses to About

  1. I like your site and I love vegetarian food even though I am not strictly vegetarian. I’m looking forward to enjoying all the international recipes.

  2. Lyttlebug says:

    How are you finding being vege in HK?

    • Jenny says:

      Ooops, this page is a bit out of date now! I was in HK from 2011-2013, and I was vegetarian but not vegan at the time. I found it ok, but I cooked at home a lot and went to 100% veg places when I ate out. You can’t even just ask for a vegetable side dish in most Chinese restaurants without getting a sprinkling of pork on top! There are some good veggie eateries though, I ate well.

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